Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tak patot betul malaysia ni.. isk2..

mmmm... bile la nak blah dari negara ni.. mm

Monday, December 27, 2010

3 hari lg... baru penentuan.. jgn bersorak lagi wahai Malaysian..

LASER??.. we'r shame of our supporter..
but dats incident b4 we score da goal..
anyway.hopefully malaysian player safe on trip to jakarta
90 minutes more... rajagopal,plzz study mourinho tactic..
defend is a tactical strategies..
parking la bas depan pintu gol pun.. kami x kisah.. yg penting menang..

Friday, December 24, 2010

ade aku kisah??? :D

last nite we had futsal at 10pm t
he routine activite for every weekend..

we dribble like cristiano and messi..
defend the goal such as vidic and terry..

control da game like xavi and febregas..

yess.. we luv to play futsal..

And sumtime i always imagine i am football player

national player..

everytime we have match, supporters say my name loudly

JULU!!!!! JULU!!!!!!

yess.. either aidil or zakuan will jelous wif me
gurls crazy when see me.. they want my autograf
on pitch.. i am da best
with armband i lead my team to play very well chase da ball..
do short n smart long passing..

excellent dribble
our fans never stop giv us their support..
n we win da game

we win da world cup act..
world just shocked wif dis achievement..
Malaysia win da world cup

back to Malaysia, many people celebrate and treat us like hero

Sultan give title "Datuk" as their apprecite

oh.. i hope dis dream come true..


tommorow nite Malaysia will play againts Indonesia.. hopefully Malaysia can get more goal to win da game b4 have 2nd leg final at jakarta.. plzz Syafiq n fren.. win da game.. so dat i can jgo to campus wif Malaysia jersey proudly.. :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

sekejap nya hari Ahad

just read my fren's blog
she talk about coas (clinical) dat we are face nowadays.
as she said..she just only story to her family n know that they cant feel what exactly happend
coas is very UNPREDICTABLE situasion.
not like medical student.. we should be ready to get different problem every day
yes every day..
come back from campus at evening,we olways quickly thinking what will do at tomorrow..
planning as good as possible the schedule..
but.. trust me plzzz.. only 20% the plan will succees..
many people said my partner n i are so fast do every job.. smooth doing every cases..
only Allah know how i feel so stress wif my life as coas students
we had many problem.. we had many obstruction..
crying??.. haha.. a truly man like me cant handle tear drop from my eye..
i just keep my trust to Allah.. bcoz He noe da best to me..
wish me luck..

Sunday, December 19, 2010

macam mana nak gambarkan aktivator??

when i was child, i hv a big dream..
i want further my study at Japan..
yess.. really interested with Japan..
myb there were snow at dis country or mybe i can meet very cute Japanese gurl :D
we only hv dream n workhard.. but Allah noe da best to us.
so,now i am here.. Medan..
nothing interesting here..
with bad result at matriculation.. i choose come to Medan..
(not exactly i choose but i dun want parents dissapointed wif me.. :P )
fill the form with medic as target..
but change to dentistry when threated by someone.. mmm..
ibu quite upset wif my decision..but now..
i think i was made a very gud decision..
sorry ibu..
although i be a docter,i cant treat my family..
dentistry student also take da medic exam.. heee..
n insyaAllah i hv another 1 year to finish my study..

oh no..
what i hv done..
post da entry wif very broken english..
LIKE I CARE.. haha
Malaysia just draw wif Vietnam on 2nd leg semi final n our lovely team finally go to final AFF suzuki cup..
1st leg malaysia won 2-0 and at vietnam they just play defensive tactic
parked the "bus" in front goal to avoid vietnam score goal???
apa ade hal... dat is footbal..
u can do any tactic any technic to make sure u win da game..
i am very angry wif malaysian wif full criticism to our team..
menang pon korg nk kutuk.. kalah apa tah lagi..
belum main dh predict mesia xleh gi jauh..
abes tu mesia xyah anta lgsg la team main utk mana2 tournament..
kalo hantar nnti wat malu jek..
kalo team EPL korg bleh plak bekup mati2..
kalah pn bleh lg ckap kalah nasib...
ok.. dats all.. kalo nk bebel kene dlm malay.. bru puas ati..
again.. dis my blog.. so my broken english make me proud to publish it.. :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

lupa nk letak title

iman umat akhir zaman ni mcm chipsmore..
pagi beriman.. petang boleh jadi x beriman...
masuk masjid smayang.. kuar masjid boleh jadi wat dosa..
maksiat merata2.. suasana mempengaruhi hati..
azan berkumandang.. tp rilek jek amek sjadah nk smayang kat umah..
padahal nabi nk bakar umah org x berjemaah..
balik umah tido sampai maghrib.. jaulah x pegi..
kalo mati waktu buat dosa.. x ke haru biru..
peringatan untuk diri sendri..

seorang nenek (patient kpd member) bgtaw
"jaga lima waktu cu.. tu kunci jadi docter berjaya"

Sunday, December 5, 2010

kalah dgn indonesia.. seri dgn thailand.. apa nk jadi la..

lots work to do..
trying to finish all minreq on da rite tyme..
work hard n "istiqamah" as da key to success..
wish me luck..prosto are veryyy scary department..

Sabda Rasulullah..
"barangsiapa membuka aib atau bercakap tentang aib org lain,maka dia tidak akan mati selagi tidak melakukan aib tersebut.."