Sunday, December 19, 2010

macam mana nak gambarkan aktivator??

when i was child, i hv a big dream..
i want further my study at Japan..
yess.. really interested with Japan..
myb there were snow at dis country or mybe i can meet very cute Japanese gurl :D
we only hv dream n workhard.. but Allah noe da best to us.
so,now i am here.. Medan..
nothing interesting here..
with bad result at matriculation.. i choose come to Medan..
(not exactly i choose but i dun want parents dissapointed wif me.. :P )
fill the form with medic as target..
but change to dentistry when threated by someone.. mmm..
ibu quite upset wif my decision..but now..
i think i was made a very gud decision..
sorry ibu..
although i be a docter,i cant treat my family..
dentistry student also take da medic exam.. heee..
n insyaAllah i hv another 1 year to finish my study..

oh no..
what i hv done..
post da entry wif very broken english..
LIKE I CARE.. haha
Malaysia just draw wif Vietnam on 2nd leg semi final n our lovely team finally go to final AFF suzuki cup..
1st leg malaysia won 2-0 and at vietnam they just play defensive tactic
parked the "bus" in front goal to avoid vietnam score goal???
apa ade hal... dat is footbal..
u can do any tactic any technic to make sure u win da game..
i am very angry wif malaysian wif full criticism to our team..
menang pon korg nk kutuk.. kalah apa tah lagi..
belum main dh predict mesia xleh gi jauh..
abes tu mesia xyah anta lgsg la team main utk mana2 tournament..
kalo hantar nnti wat malu jek..
kalo team EPL korg bleh plak bekup mati2..
kalah pn bleh lg ckap kalah nasib...
ok.. dats all.. kalo nk bebel kene dlm malay.. bru puas ati..
again.. dis my blog.. so my broken english make me proud to publish it.. :D


incik neng said...

emo syal julu haah

"masih klasemen ape ade hal"

sape cakap dok jepun sedap? bohong

harzharun said...

xpelah broken pong...salah eja pong xpe...asalkan english...xdelah malu sgt dgn sister spital yg perasan bagus ckp omputeh tu...heeee

queue said...

saye pon bkn pndai ngat just konpius...ade ke i was maked ek??hurmmmmm......

harzharun said...


nak tegur doh i was maked tu...i was naked ada la...hahaha