Friday, December 24, 2010

ade aku kisah??? :D

last nite we had futsal at 10pm t
he routine activite for every weekend..

we dribble like cristiano and messi..
defend the goal such as vidic and terry..

control da game like xavi and febregas..

yess.. we luv to play futsal..

And sumtime i always imagine i am football player

national player..

everytime we have match, supporters say my name loudly

JULU!!!!! JULU!!!!!!

yess.. either aidil or zakuan will jelous wif me
gurls crazy when see me.. they want my autograf
on pitch.. i am da best
with armband i lead my team to play very well chase da ball..
do short n smart long passing..

excellent dribble
our fans never stop giv us their support..
n we win da game

we win da world cup act..
world just shocked wif dis achievement..
Malaysia win da world cup

back to Malaysia, many people celebrate and treat us like hero

Sultan give title "Datuk" as their apprecite

oh.. i hope dis dream come true..


tommorow nite Malaysia will play againts Indonesia.. hopefully Malaysia can get more goal to win da game b4 have 2nd leg final at jakarta.. plzz Syafiq n fren.. win da game.. so dat i can jgo to campus wif Malaysia jersey proudly.. :D

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diLa said...

oh betol stuju. plis la menang..:)