Saturday, January 1, 2011

patotnya sabre abu femes lg drpd fahmi.. :D

"my grandson.. i still remember on 2010 our football team won da AFF Cup.. we beat Indonesia.. yess.. at dat time,Indonesia are very strong team.. with over million their hardcore supporter..
the final were home and away game.. 1st leg we play at bukit jalil,and u noe my granson.. we won 3-0.. very nice game.. Indonesia accused us for cheat to win da game.. and 2nd leg, at gelora bung karno, our team should faced the fanatic supporter dat want indonesia win da AFF Cup.. so, our team goes to stadium with army tank to avoid any dangerous from supporter.. finally we lost 1-2 to indonesia BUT aggregate 4-2 made we are champions.. all malaysian very happy.. on dat tyme, i still study at OVERSEA.. but i really happy and proud wif malaysia.."

tu dialog aku dgn cucu aku suatu hari nanti..
ayat mesti dlm BI sbb die blaja kat tadika international..
aku sengaja guna broken english sbb cucu aku kecik lg..
nnti kalo ckp english lebat sngt, tkot cucu aku x faham..
anyway.. HEPI NEW YEAR..
jgn celebrate sngt.. jgn tiru org kafir..


harzharun said...

ngeh ngeh ngeh..

diLa said...

haha. setuju dgn title post ni.